What are your thoughts on solving the looming budget issues in the state?
Erik C Jerde
8/28/2010 05:43:00 am

Government ought to serve one primary purpose; the protection of individual rights, ie liberty. Any function other than these is improper. Government has THE legal monopoly on force. The size and scope of government has grown so large that it has turned the tables where man now must grovel before the state for permission to do anything. The sole proper functions of government are; courts, military, police, and emergency services. Protecting mans right to his own life and happiness (so long as he does not put anothers in jeopardy)-any more than these and we are inviting a leviathan of trouble. I highly recommend reading the great thinkers who understood the value of reason applied to freedom - Aristotle, John Locke, Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, etc...Instead of passing more onerous government power grabs next session, the next group of MT legislators need to do the work of abolishing the legions of improper and onerous government bureaucracies and returning our freedoms.

10/14/2010 07:35:53 pm

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10/24/2010 07:05:20 pm

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