Less Government - Lower Taxes

Government is getting too big and cumbersome.  Lowering taxes stimulates business and personal spending.  The government should run like a family or business, run on a budget and don't spend what you don't have!

Public Safety

Public safety and security is very important to all citizens of this great state.  We need to support all of our Law Enforcement in order to keep us all safe and reduce crime.

Personal Responsibility

It's about time that we all accept personal responsibility for our lives.  Let's quit blaming others and do something to fix our own problems, rather than waiting for someone else to come along and do it all for us.

Family Values

This country is based on good, strong, and traditional family values.  We all must encourage these values in order to create a stronger, better, and safer community.

Business Development - Better Jobs

Lowering and eliminating taxes will encourage new business and strengthen current businesses in our communities, and build more and better jobs for the people of Montana.  Over regulation and taxation stifles business development.

Affordable Quality Education for our Kids

Encouraging our youth to attend school and become educated creates a stronger, more informed community.  We need an environment of affordable quality education beyond high school in Montana.