Many thanks to Marc Racicot, Bob Depratu, Jim Dupont, Toby Allen, and Tammi Fisher for writing letters to the paper supporting my campaign!!

Lavin for HD8

I strongly recommend Steve Lavin to the voters of House District 8.  I have known Steve and his family for a very long time.  He is an exceptional husband, father, law enforcement officer and public servant who I believe, without reservation or condition, would serve the people of House District 8 and the citizens of Montana with honor, humility, common sense and distinction.  -  Marc Racicot, Helena  -  Daily Interlake 10-14-2010

Steve Lavin for HD 8
If you want good government, you have to elect good people.  I am supporting Steve Lavin for House District 8 because I know his character and his commitment to this community. We need legislators in Helena that put the needs of their home community first, and who understand that politics is about public service.  Steve Lavin has been a public servant all of his life, and he is able to put personal agenda aside to do what is best for the community as a whole.  I hope you will join me in supporting Steve Lavin for House District 8 when you cast your vote this November.  -Tammi Fisher

We need Lavin

I wish to let everyone know how strongly I feel that we need Steve Lavin to represent HD8 as our state representative in Helena.  Steve has solid character, strong leadership skills, concern for the residents of his district, the ability to analyze problems and to work cooperatively to come to a solution that is based on commom sense and personal responsibility.  Steve will work for solutions in the operation of our state government that promotes strong family values and personal responsibility.  He knows that our children need an excellent education to become productive citizens of the future. He also understands that we need to lower taxes in order for our small businesses to thrive and to start hiring our great Montana workers again.  I urge your vote for Steve Lavin in House District 8. - Bob DePratu, Whitefish - Daily Interlake 10-17-2010


Lavin for HD8
November’s election will revive the Republican Party and return strong, conservative values to Helena in the upcoming legislative session. 2011 will be a criticalyear for our legislative team.  House District 8, which serves most of the city of Kalispell, has an outstanding conservative Republican candidate running for this position. Steve Lavin, a fifth generation Flathead native, has many years of experience dealing with various issues while serving as a Montana highway patrolman.  He is dedicated to improving

our quality of life while ensuring our values and safety. Steve listens to the problems and has the gift of applying good common sense to resolve the issues.  Kalispell needs Steve Lavin in Helena this coming year. He believes in reasonable taxation, less government and Montanans way of doing business. Please join me in supporting Steve Lavin for House District 8. His honest, common sense approach, will serve Kalispell well!
—Jim Dupont, West Glacier (10-7-2010)  Daily Interlake
Rep. Jones is not conservative

If you aren’t a bleeding liberal by the time you are 25, you have no heart. If you aren’t a staunch conservative by the time you are 40, you have no brain. Party affiliation holds no influence over me. I vote the person and what they stand for. I read a previous letter to the editor and the response to that letter about Bill Jones who is a candidate to be representative for House District 8 in the Kalispell area. The two opposing viewpoints made me do my own research, and I have decided that Mr. Jones is

not a fiscal conservative and not the person I want as my representative in HD 8. I think we need fiscal conservatives in Helena this legislative session.No matter how much lipstick the governor puts on our budget pig telling us our state budget is in good shape, I don’t see it. Didn’t we have about a billion dollars in the bank just a couple of years ago and we are down to about $250 million now? That means we are spending faster than we are making and it will bankrupt the state if we don’t stop it now.Of the three candidates in the race for HD 8, I have decided that Steve Lavin is the person we need in Helena. His stance on less government,lower taxes and strict budgeting is required for us to work out of the mess that faces us. Protecting constitutional rights along with promoting citizens to take personal responsibility and encouraging family values is needed now more than ever. He also understands you need less government for business development and that equates to jobs… jobs sorely needed by every sector of our community. It also says something about Lavin when you find out he is a sergeant in the Highway Patrol and has been married to the same girl for over 19 years. The only thing I don’t appreciate about Steve Lavin is that he is an MSU grad. I am a Griz, but at least he graduated from a Montana university and none of us are perfect. I urge everyone in HD 8 to do your research and vote the person who will best represent your ideals and who will be the community leader we need. I think Steve Lavin is that person.

—Toby Allen, Kalispell (10-07-2010)  Daily Interlake